Fuego (1969) Isabel Sarli (Something Weird Video)

VHS de USA de Frank Henenlotter's Something Weird Video
Título Original: Fuego
También conocida como: Fogo (Brasil)
Director: Armando Bo
Año: 1969
Isabel Sarli, Armando Bo, Alba Múgica, Roberto Airaldi, Oscar Valicelli, Mónica Grey, Miguel A. Olmos, Hugo Mújica, Marcel Zenklusen, etc.
Texto de la tapa: She's a woman on fire! ADULTS ONLY (Fuego: Pronounced FU-AY-GO)
Sinopsis de la contratapa: You've seen her in black and white, now experience the voluptuous beaty of Isabel Sarli in COLOR! Sarly plays Laura, a nymphomaniac who can't control her ravenous appetite for men (not to mention her housekeeper Andrea.) Laura falls in love with a wealthy industrialist named Carlos, but is hesitant to accept his proposal because of her excessive desires. The marry, and in no time Laura hops into bed with the telephone repairman. She goes to a psychiatrist, but he is unable to cure her sexual neurosis. Laura continues on a horny Rampage and Carlos questions whether or not he can deal with his insatiable wife wondering what tragedy the future may hold for them.
Características del VHS:
Idioma: Inglés (doblada)
Editora: Frank Henenlotter's Something Weird Video
Créditos en Inglés:



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